The Pottery Lady

Carole Wolaver Ministry


Over the years, God has opened doors for my ministry as The Pottery Lady through the kindness of friends, through surprising circumstances that could only be the Holy Spirit, and through the prayers that are offered constantly for those in need of the healing grace of God. As a result, I have had opportunities I never expected. When I began, I thought I was creating a “talk” to present only once! Twenty years later, that still puts a smile on my face!

Because of the growing interest in these presentations, I have asked my good friend, Wes Yoder, who for the past 40 years has worked with Christian speakers, to assist this ministry by scheduling my speaking events. His dedicated team at Ambassador will help you find the dates that are best for you and will make the arrangements for me to be with you. (Please note that if we have worked together in the past and you want to contact me directly, you may do so. Time permitting, I will contact you directly or ask the Ambassador team to assist you if I cannot.)


Wes Yoder in the Ambassador office will be your contact. Feel free to email him at:

Phone Number: 615-370-4700



More about the arrangements…

The Pottery Lady ministry has always maintained tremendous flexibility about finances, and that will continue.  Carole provides for the needs of her family through these presentations and asks that you pray and seek the Lord in this area. Ambassador will work to make sure you are comfortable with the honorarium requested of your church or ministry budget.

Carole also asks that she may bring her pottery to sell because that is what she relies on for their family income. As Paul was a tent maker by trade, Joseph a carpenter, Peter a fisherman... Carole is a potter.
For additional information and to discuss the dates of your event, please contact:


Wes Yoder
Ambassador Speakers Bureau