The Pottery Lady

Carole Wolaver Ministry


Jacqueline Angella Namayanja - FWM Founder

An origin of Masaka who was born in Kampala – Uganda, abandoned by the Mother while she was one year old because she had a deformational body with four breasts instead of two.

In the true African context such a kid would be regarded not a blessing to the family.

With fear and humiliation of the family members no one among the family relatives was able to take up that burden hence leaving Jacqueline for the streets.


This is where she was taken-up by a Muslim lady who knew her mum, at the age of 10 years the husband to her planned to marry her off.

On failure to do so, he burnt my arm with water to-date that I look at the scar because of the pain inflicted on me. With my background, I started valuing Mothers who have a heart and accept responsibility to grow their children to adulthood.

These too much respect stirred up my heart and the desire to work hard to empower women, agitate against early marriages, and share Christ Jesus with them as a way to revive hope lost and to fight for their rights in community.

Jacqueline founded Faith Women Ministry in 2009 because of the nature of her background and the level of exposure around the country associating with different cultures.

This offered her a fertile ground to know the women position in society hence the ministry. She is a learnt lady who holds Bachelors in Human Services specializing in Criminal Justice who has devoted all her knowledge, skills and time to sharing it with women.

Jacqueline says “no matter the looks and background all women are equal before the eyes of the Lord and they deserve better.

I will work my years out to touch, empower, share knowledge, testify and ensure proper marriages among women my entire life.”